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Owen and Jasmine in Jasmine Valley

Jasmine Valley - Kep, Cambodia

Welcome to Jasmine Valley, nestled just below the national park in the beautiful jungle-covered mountains of the seaside Cambodian town of Kep. Jasmine and Owen Beck opened what might best be described as an eco-resort, in December 2009; offering solar powered accommodation, healthy, home-grown foods, the sound of the Cambodian Jungle, magnificent views across islands to Vietnam and the sweet fragrance of Jasmine and jungle blossom.

swimming in Jasmine Valley eco-resort natural pool - Kep, Cambodia starfruit cider in Jasmine Valley, Kep, Cambodia swimming in Jasmine Valley Eco-Resort Natural Swimming Pool, Kep Cambodia

Six mud-brick and thatch bungalows are currently available, overlooking the rainy-season creek, deep in the valley.

One 'tree-house' was completed late 2009 and the first guest booked for two nights, but stayed for 20. The second 'tree-house' was soon added, with a garden bathrooom downstairs, a big open bedroom and a large, semi-detached terrace.

The 'tree-houses' have wonderful views across the bay to Vietnam as well as a spectacular panorama of the jungle and mountain across the valley.

Two 'Mountain Lodges' were completed by the end of 2010. They're two story, with two huge bedrooms each, both with the best views on the property - right down the valley, across the islands to Vietnam. They have outside garden bathrooms with a regular shower as well as a dipping shower for those who choose to try the authentic Cambodian bathing experience.

Jasmine Valley Eco-Resort Room 10 Kep Cambodia

The restaurants/bars (complete with upright piano), sit by the stream-fed (during the rainy season) natural swimming pool, where you can swim, or relax as the fish 'massage' you all over! Jasmine Valley also has a 'games room', complete with pool table, table tennis and foosball (table soccer), as well as an amphitheatre for occasional performances and what we're told is the first skateboard bowl in South East Asia.

In Jasmine Valley, you can spot for Monkeys in their natural habitat in amongst the trees on the mountain - you may even be lucky enough to spot a Great Hornbill - right from your own veranda.

Learning Together

Jasmine Valley Eco-Resort had its beginnings early in 2009. Through the initial stages, only hand tools were used, in keeping with the valley's peaceful ambience. Picks and shovels, hammers and chisels were used, even when digging the driveway.

The early part of the construction was very much a learning process, as Owen, a filmmaker from Australia, and the Cambodian builders got to know each other, and how the other worked. By the time the house was built, the Khmer team had built with mud-bricks, constructed a pizza over and created beautiful tile mosaics.

The next phase, was to make lots of mud bricks, organise bamboo and thatch, and begin construction in earnest. It was important to Owen and Jasmine that the buildings were created in response to, and in harmony with, the natural beauty already present. As a filmmaker, it was also important to Owen that creative license was given to those working in each area of construction.

For those interested in the building process, here are some photos available of the very early stages as well as some pics around the valley.

great hornbills in Jasmine Valley, Kep, Cambodia

great views in Jasmine Valley, Kep, Cambodia

great roomss in Jasmine Valley, Kep, Cambodia

papaya in Jasmine Valley, Kep, Cambodia

Khmer waffles in Jasmine Valley, Kep, Cambodia

Papaya shakes in Jasmine Valley, Kep, Cambodia

Starfruit Cider in Jasmine Valley, Kep, Cambodia

night flower in Jasmine Valley, Kep, Cambodia

papaya flower in Jasmine Valley, Kep, Cambodia

swimmingin Jasmine Valley, Kep, Cambodia

creek flowing in Jasmine Valley, Kep, Cambodia

whip snake eating in Jasmine Valley, Kep, Cambodia

beetle in Jasmine Valley, Kep, Cambodia

monkey in Jasmine Valley, Kep, Cambodia

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